Thursday, May 3, 2012

Returning to PT with Big Goals

Sara told me a couple weeks ago she didn't want to be in her wheelchair any more and wanted to learn to walk!  Woohoo!!  This came right after a kid in her preschool class told her she was still a baby cause she crawled.  We've not pushed Sara to walk before now because she had no interest.  She was perfectly happy in her chair at school, and learning to walk is something Sara needs to want for herself before she will be successful at it.  But some times peer pressure isn't a bad thing.

No matter what the driving force is, I always want to support Sara in her goals.  But honestly, I wasn't sure this one would last.  I figured the pain of the kid's comment would fade after a couple days and she would go back to liking her chair.  That didn't happen! 

So I emailed her therapist to get her on the schedule.  And the first day was tomorrow afternoon, almost 2 weeks after Sara had said she wanted to go.  I wondered if Sara would lose interested again by then, but she has not. She's super excited about going tomorrow, and has been counting the days on the calendar all week.

I hope she can maintain this positive and motivated attitude.  She's going to need it because this is going to be hard.  Of course, myself and the therapist will support Sara every way she can to complete this goal.  Sara told me she wants to be walking by the time she starts kindergarten.  That's only about 12 weeks away, so I don't know if its possible.  But if that's what Sara wants, then I will do whatever it takes to try and make that happen.

Good luck peanut!  I know you can do it!

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