Monday, May 7, 2012

PT Evaluation

Sara's first PT appt went well!  The therapist said that her form for walking is very good.  She said she believes Sara just needs some stamina training and a new walker that will work better for her style and she'll be well on her way to being out of her chair most of the time.

We both agreed that we don't see Sara getting rid of her chair completely for several years yet, if ever, but that really will be up to Sara.  In all actuality, Sara will always need a chair to do any kind of long going to the zoo or on vacation.

Sara will attend PT once a week all summer and then we will assess again where she is at and the progress she's made.  Hopefully it won't take too long to get her new walker.  We meet with the equipment specialist on May 15th, but that doesn't mean much since we have to wait on insurance to decide if they will pay for it (which, of course, takes "forever").

As soon as the new walker is here, I will be posting pictures I'm sure.  And hopefully, video of Sara walking with it so we can get a little before, during, and after going on for all of you to see.

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