Monday, August 1, 2011

Veggies Anyone?

Our garden has been coming along really well.  We lost some plants in the beginning, but the rest have flourished.  Up until now, we've only gotten one or two strawberries or a handful of green beans.  Not much to brag about.

But this weekend it was time for the first real harvest of our garden!  And here's what we got....

Yes, that's a 12" ruler in the middle.  And yes, that cucumber at the bottom is about 18" long and so big around my hand can't fit all the way around it.  That tomato is almost the size of my fist, and they were all so good!

Its really awesome to be able to walk out to the garden, pick some veggies, bring them in and wash them, and then eat them right then. 

This is just round 1.  There are still about 7 or 8 cucumbers that are ready to be picked (all as big as that one in the middle), and my tomato plants are out of control.  We're just waiting for the fruit to turn red.  I have 4 tomato plants (2 regular, 2 cherry) and they each hold about 12 to 20 tomatoes each!  Guess I'll be making lots of chili and spaghetti sauce.

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