Friday, July 29, 2011

Got to love a Sara-ism!

Its Friday, and what's better then a good laugh?  I know that I laughed really hard when Sara said this to me earlier this week.

First, a little pre-story.  Sara spent the first part of this week with her dad on vacation.  They went up to Breckenridge, and just enjoyed the small mountain town.  One thing they have there is a gondola ride.

When I asked Sara what they did together when I finally got to see her, she rattles off a couple things and then says with tons of enthusiasm...

"...and we got to go on a granola ride!  And my wheelchair fit inside!" 

Now at first I was confused, so her dad told me what she meant.

So I say, "Oh, you rode on the gondola.  That's really neat!"

And her response...

"Its not a gondola ride Mommy; its a granola ride!  Weren't you listening to me?!?  Maybe you need to put on your listening ears."

 Ah, its it a joy to hear your own words said back to you?!  And in the exact same tone you said them in the first place!?  At least I know she really is listening! 


  1. OMG that's too good! I love it. But yeah, at least you know she's listening. Such a to repeat and proud! :D