Friday, April 8, 2011

No More Naps??

I think we have reached a new milestone for more naps!  For the last two weeks I haven't been able to get her to sleep much before 10pm or 10:30pm.  She takes a nap at daycare, and those are the nights we have problems.  Last weekend I didn't give her a nap either day, and no issues with bed time (which is usually 8pm or so). 

I'm really torn over how to feel about this.  First of all its another sign that she's growing up way to fast!  It means that I won't get a couple hours in the middle of the day on weekends to get things done without "help".  It means no down time for mommy when there aren't lots of things to do (like that ever happens).

But on the flip side, it means no more scheduling events around when nap time is suppose to be.  It means a child who is far less cranky when she misses her nap.  And it means that her independence is growing, which I think is a great thing. 

I'm waiting to see if the pattern continues for another week, but my guess is by the end of the month I will be telling the daycare that a nap is no longer required for her.  Now if I couldn't only get her potty trained (but that might require medical intervention)!


  1. I have what I call 'mommy time' and the kids don't bother me too much during this time. They are usually watching a movie which is kind of a treat for them....or I set them up with some crafty things that won't make a mess and I take 45 minutes or so to just unwind. (check e-mail and blog!) Sometimes that 45 minutes comes in 3 fifteen minute segments...sometimes it's all at one time.

    Work though it so you find some YOU time because that is just as important.

  2. That's so funny. I was just having this conversation the other day about when kids grow out of the daily nap. It seems about right (sad that she's growing up, but great that she's getting to be independent). Miss you both terribly and counting down the days!
    Love you!

  3. I agree...we do quiet time here and the kids have to read, watch a movie, or something quiet. It's so hard when they give up naps in ways, and other times it's great. I don't think I'm ready for T to give up his soon though. ;)


  4. We just hit no naps about 2 months ago as well. So sad. But, like you said there are benefits as well. We started quiet time. Which starts with just 15 minutes in bed (just in case he's tired enough to fall asleep due to a bad night or long morning...hasn't happened yet, but I keep, then he plays alone, quiet, in his room for 45-60 minutes. This was going great until B & K started sharing their room 2 weeks I'm not sure what to do!