Monday, August 16, 2010

Neurologist Vist

On Friday, I went to my appointment with the neurologist.  And it went about as I expected.

We talked and he did a complete neurological exam on me.  He says that my symptoms don't seem to be neurological.  He agreed that we should test me for MS, only because I have family history with my dad having it, and that increases my risk enough that we need to check it.  He doesn't believe that to be what it is, but he wants to rule it out just to be sure.

That means having an MRI...which means sedation for me.  Last time I had an MRI it went really badly, and my claustrophobia made my anxiety out of control.  With that in mind, we decided that if we wanted good images that I should be asleep.  It will take a while to schedule the MRI, so when that happens I will make sure to let you all know when it is.  I suspect it will be a couple months before I get it done.

If it isn't MS, then its back to my regular doctor and square one.  The neurologist says that if it isn't MS than he can't help me because it isn't neurological. 

So the journey continues.  Hope to see you next time on "Name That Mystery Illness."

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