Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Next Step

My doctor called me this morning and told me that my blood work looked good.  I don't have Anemia, and my thyroid looks good.  I don't have Lime Disease either, but my West Nile test isn't back yet.  That will take a couple more days.

The test did show that I have elevated liver enzymes, but we don't know why.  Could be for a lot of reasons. 

Right now our plan is to wait on the West Nile test, and see what it says.  Based on that result, we will then make a plan of where to go next.  If it is West Nile, then obviously we'll just treat it.  But if the test is negative, I have no idea where we go after that. 

I feel worse today then I have yet, so it is progressing.  I hope we figure it out before it gets much worse.

Back to waiting again!

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