Sunday, October 28, 2012

Urgent Care Visit

Unfortunately,  I had to take Sara to the urgent care last night.  She'd been throwing up since early Friday morning.  And it wasn't that she was that sick, she had no other symptoms like fever or body ache.  But I just knew something wasn't quite right and I should get her checked out.

I was mostly worried that with her dehydration, her kidneys might be having some trouble.  So really I took her in to get her hydrated and check her kidney function.  And all her tests were normal, until the last one which showed a UTI.  Ugh, no!!!!

Most of you know Sara's history with UTIs and kidney infection.  But for those that don't, a quick update.  Almost every time Sara has had one, she has ended up being admitted to the hospital.  The problem stems from all the infections she had when she was younger, and because of it she has some antibiotic resistance.  And Sara only seems to grow the meanest, nastiest bugs out there.  Not good!  Because of the two things combined, only once have we ever been successful in treating Sara's infections with prescription antibiotics at home.

So with this news, the doctor and I discussed it and decided to at least try to treat it at home first.  She prescribed a super strength medication and I'm praying that it will do the job.  I think it has a chance because we caught this bug so early, even before Sara showed any signs of fever.  Not sure if the vomiting is related to the infection or something else; could be either.

So now we wait.  If the drug isn't going to be able to kill of this infection, it will be likely that Sara will be in the hospital by Monday.  Let's just hope that doesn't happen.  But I promise you, if it does, I will be posting to let you all know.

Here's my little sicky yesterday!


  1. Oh no! :( Maybe T's sickness this weekend is sympathy sickness. Prayers.

  2. Since I am such a huge fan of probiotics I've probably already told you this anyway but just in case; In this house we love, love, love probiotics. I give them to the kids when they start showing any signs of sickies and SO FAR (we've been using them about a year) we haven't had any 'sick' visits.

    I buy them from Vitamin World which is at our mall. We buy Vitamin World Probiotic 10 which has 10 strands of good bacteria. I also love PB8 which is the brand and has 8 strands of good bacteria.

    It's safe to team these up with antibiotics and you'll replenish the good bacteria that the antibiotic kills along with the bad bacteria. Do I make sense?

    Talk to your pharmacist and your doctor but so far everyone I've spoke with (doctors) say that it's okay to give Joey and Isabella the probiotics.

    They come in little caplets. I pull the caplet apart and mix about half of the powder inside with yogurt or pudding or whatever the kids are eating.