Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is it really bragging?

Is it true that every parent believes their child to be gifted?  And that every parent brags about their child's strengths?  I know every mother thinks their kid is the cutest, and every parent wants to believe that they have the smartest kid in the class. 

I have been told by more than one person recently that my child may not be as smart as I claim she is.  But at the same time, I have 3 years of testing from the local hospital and now school testing from the beginning of this year to prove that my child is ahead of most children her age.  Knowing where these comments came from, I wonder if there is some kind of jealousy or similar emotion involved.

This comment came about from someone when they asked what was going on in our lives and I told them I had recently filled out the application to get Sara into the GT (gifted and talented) Program for next year.  I got the response of they weren't surprised I would do that cause I was always bragging about how smart she is.  But you asked me what was up!!

Maybe I'm over sensitive about it because I feel like I always have to point out her strengths since most people only see her weaknesses.  Sara is ahead of her class according to testing and her teachers, so is it bragging if its true?  And is it bragging when someone asks you about it?

Maybe I do brag about how smart my little peanut is, but doesn't every parent brag about their child's strength??

Honestly, when it comes down to it I just don't care if people think I'm bragging or not.  I speak the truth as I see it...and as I have been told it is by professionals.  Call it bragging if you want, but you asked!

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  1. I sometimes feel that way when people ask me how Joey is doing. It's like they can't believe that he's reading and counting to 100 and doing simple addition and subtraction when he's only in kindergarten (and one of the younger kindergarteners at that). I guess they see the bulging eye, the huge birthmark across his cheek/neck, see he's wearing a brace and walks with a limp and think....this kid is the dumb one.

    They couldn't be any more wrong if they tried. He's so smart.

    Like I said before I think we should get Sara and Joey together and maybe one day we can have an arranged marriage (Just kidding on that but it's fun to say)