Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Urological Check-up

I know Sara had this appt 2 weeks ago, so I'm sorry I didn't post sooner.  Life's been crazy here the last couple weeks, and I just plain forgot.  Thanks to those of you that reminded me!

Luckily, for once, there isn't much to report.  Sara's kidneys are doing fantastic!  They continue to look great and function well.  Her stoma looks pink and healthy, and everything seems to be doing good.

The only other thing that was mentioned was some potty training things.  We're going to try a couple things over the next couple months and see if that's something that's even possible for Sara, which the doctor isn't convinced it is.  We're not doing anything major, just some diet and routine adjustments.

Again, so sorry my update is late! 


  1. Lots of love and prayers for your little angel. Glad to hear the visit went well.