Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Memories

It occurred to me today that Sara has had her wheelchair for a whole year now!  It was delivered to our house in early Nov. of 2009!

At this point, I can't remember what it was really like without it.  Sara has done extremely well with it, better than we thought she would.  She is well adjusted to it, and enjoys being in it.  She also has just learned how to crawl in and out of it by herself with very minimal assistance. 

I remember when she got it that it felt like this was a huge change, and a really big defeat.  I really think it was the moment I realized my child really wouldn't ever walk....and I was wrong of course!  But I remember having really mixed feelings about it.  Happy that she now could be more independent and do more things with other kids, and sad that my daughter really wasn't like every other kid.  I knew she wasn't, but it was very clear in that moment.

Now I just view it as being part of her.  It is part of who she is, and will always be.  And the wheelchair is very much like her in a lot of ways.  Its strong, fun, and amazing...just like she is!  I don't see it as a foreign thing, but as part of our family now.  And I'm sure that sounds odd, but I know my daughter wouldn't be able to do a lot of what she does now without it.  I can't imagine our lives without it now!

And most of all, I just can't believe its been a year!  Time goes by so fast!  Some day I'm going to figure out how to slow it down....I hope.

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  1. WOH! Really? It's been a year!? Holy cow. I remember when it came, too. It was quite a change. It's been an exciting year for her, and I'm so proud. She's done so well, and so have you. I love you both!

    PS. If you figure that whole slowing time thing, lemme in on it! :D