Friday, June 7, 2013

We've Moved!

For the last 8 weeks or so, Sara and I have been packing our things and getting ready to move.  Last weekend the time finally came. 

We bought a new house about 30 min north of where we were living.  Its in a small rural town (about 3,500 people).  Its a close knit community, and I'm excited to be able to raise Sara in such a wonderful caring environment.  We have some wonderful and kind neighbors, who have all been very informative as we move into a slower paced lifestyle.

As for the house itself, its a ranch with a walkout basement.  Perfect for Sara with her accessibility requirements.  It has wider doorways, bigger rooms, and overall is just very well fitted to make sure Sara has access to every room and can be as independent as possible.  It has lots of room; so no matter what equipment Sara might need in the future, we will have the room to make it happen.

The house sits on a 10 acre lot on a dirt road.  There's very little traffic, and as you can imagine, lots of room to move around and play.  I'm working with my dad and boyfriend to find a good way for Sara to get around the property, like a small ATV or some other motorized vehicle that she can drive by herself.  Sara loves being outside, and is always excited to crawl up on the tractor to help mow the grass or just drive around.

Sara has developed a new love for mowing!

Besides the house, and a yard the size of a football field, we also have several outbuildings and a huge field.  We have a barn, chicken coop, tool/garden shed, loafing shed, pig pen, and riding arena.   Most of the outbuildings are in very rough shape, and need some serious love.  We are hopeful to get to some of those projects this summer, and that will allow us the ability to have animals next spring maybe.  We're planning to start out small with a few chickens....maybe a goat.  And, of course, my boyfriend is looking forward to having the room to have another dog.  My guess is that will be fairly soon.  Eventually, like on the 5 year plan, we hope to have horses.

I have to admit that what I love most is probably the fact that we still don't have TV.  And I can honestly say, I don't miss it.  We spend so much more time as a family, even when we're working, and its awesome!  Instead of sitting in front of a movie before/after dinner, we plant flowers or water the ones we already planted.  We unpack and organize, we've painted rooms, we do dishes and cook as a family. All the chores go faster and are much more fun when we all do them together.

And the view from our deck isn't half bad either.  We eat out there most nights watching the birds and animals in the neighboring fields.  And our view of the mountains is beautiful!  I'm so excited to start a new chapter of our lives here.  I lived in my old house for 11 years, and had a lot of memories there.  And when I left, it was a little sad.  But my excitement for this new house far exceeds the sadness to leave the old one.  I am very hopeful (and planning) that this is the last place I will ever live in this life time...but God is the only one who knows for sure.

Our new house!

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  1. Wow! How fun. Congratulations on the new house!