Monday, October 31, 2011

NF Clinic

Today Sara attend her annual visit to the NF clinic.  She did great, and for the most part, was cooperative with the doctors.

Sara's MRI we did 10 days ago shows that the tumor in her belly has grown barely at all.  It had "no visible change."  The report does state, however, that the tumor has moved further into her lower spine, and her left hip is almost completely dislocated now.  There is nothing we can really do about her spine, but I'm planning to schedule a consult with her orthopedic oncologist to see what he thinks about the increasing issue with her hip.  At this point Sara doesn't complain of pain, so I don't feel any rush to do anything about it...especially since it would seem that walking isn't in her future.

Everything else went really well!  The doctors seem happy with her progress, and so am I.  We have no plans to do any testing or return to NF clinic for another year!

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