Monday, June 13, 2011

Simply Life

I know I've been out of touch for a while, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything going on.  Usually it means that there's tons going on and I'm just too busy to blog about it.  So here's a really quick catch up as to all that's been happening lately.

Sara got a new walker since her old one was too small for her!  She was super excited to get a new one, till it turned out not to be red.  Her first walker was red.  Totally melt down over color!  Oh well, at 4 years old color is the only thing that matters.  Who cares about size and functionality right?  She refusied to use it for the first week or so (because of its color, a really nice aqua marine), but now she's doing better with it since she realizes the color isn't going to change.  We're also looking forward to getting her new shoes in a couple weeks.

Here's a pic I took when they brought it.  The size difference between her old one and this new one is amazing!  My baby is getting so big!  And yes she's really mad about the color, which is why she's crying.

On another note, our garden died out for the most part with all the hot to cold, and rainy weather we had.  So a few weeks ago I gave in to mother nature and went to the store and bought replacement plants.  And over the last couple weeks, the plants are doing great!  Sara is really excited, especially since we are starting to see some of the veggies growing on a couple of the plants.  Another few weeks and we will be picking some really nice things I hope.

Sara and I also had a roommate move in!  My best friend Kim, who also has a blog, came to live with us this summer after graduating from Columbia University last month.  Sara and I are both really excited to have her with us (even if she is leaving us for 7 weeks to work in Boston at a summer camp).  I know that this is a great arrangement for everyone, and it will be amazing!  Kim has lived with us once before for a couple of months, and it worked out wonderfully.  Its nice to have another person around to help out around the house, and it makes quick trips to the store so much easier cause it can actually be a quick trip to the store since Sara doesn't have to be dragged along.  And once in a while, I'm hoping to even get an extra date night in if she's willing to babysit.  You can't fault me for trying!

Other then that, life is going on as usual.  Sara is enjoying her time at daycare, and they've started Splash Day now on Wednesdays, so that's a huge deal.  Who knew taking your swimsuit to school was so exciting!  And we're both looking forward to the release of Cars 2.  I'm constantly reminded that I promised to take her to see it.  So we will do that when it comes out in a couple weeks.  And we just love the warmer weather, so we play outside and eat on the patio and just seem to have more down time in general once we get home on the week nights.  Got to love longer days!

Hope you are all doing well, and enjoying life!  Until next time....

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